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Northland Pines School District

Northland Pines School District partnered with Hoffman to install a total of 500 kW-dc of solar at their four schools—

Northland Pines High School / Middle School and Eagle River, St. Germain, and Land O’ Lakes Elementary Schools. The last system installed at St. Germain Elementary School featured a 70 kW-dc solar system and included a 60 kW-ac/150 kWh battery system. The outcomes of the first three installations totaling 430 kW-dc of solar persuaded the District to add a solar and battery system at their only school lacking solar—St. Germain. Due to limited summer school use, an important feature of the St. Germain design is to focus on winter generation with the use of bi-facial solar modules at s steep angle (approximately 50 degrees). Bi-facial modules generate additional power from reflected light on the back side of the module. This back-side power, combined with the steep angle, sheds snow to boost winter power generation.