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Congregation of St. Joseph

Scope: New Construction | In Progress

The Congregation of St. Joseph was formed in 2007 by the merger of seven Sisters of St. Joseph congregations.

The combined entity has nearly 600 members with major centers in seven states. After examining their demographic and financial projections, the Sisters determined that their land and buildings no longer served the declining number of sisters who use them. Hoffman developed a Strategic Facility Plan on how and when the Congregation of St. Joseph could repurpose and/or reduce building square footage to provide functional and comfortable space, as well as understand and reduce their carbon footprint at each of their six locations.

Hoffman then developed design concepts for four of the locations—Cleveland, Ohio; LaGrange, Illinois; Nazareth, Michigan; and Wichita, Kansas. The projects in Cleveland, LaGrange, and Nazareth all involve the design and construction of new assisted living facilities. Cleveland and LaGrange will both have 26 units, while Nazareth will have 76. The project in Wichita includes a new 24-unit skilled care facility and a 20-unit assisted living facility. For some of the locations, the units were designed to allow laity to move in as the Sisters’ population decreases.