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Confidential Manufacturer in Wisconsin #2

Scope: Expansion & Remodel | Area: 72,000 sq ft & 7,500 sq ft | Completion Date: May 2000

This Confidential Manufacturer, a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, selected Hoffman to manage the various renovation and expansions to their Wisconsin facility in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The 59,000 square foot warehouse addition features 50’ x 50’ structural bays, 18’ x 22’ eave heights, an enclosed drive-through receiving area, four loading docks and levelers, and a full sprinkler system. Work on the facility’s office space—both a 7,500 square foot renovation and 13,000 square foot addition—featured a brick exterior and HVAC VAV with Perimeter Hot Water.

A second warehouse addition was completed a few years later. The 75,000 square foot facility, constructed to match the existing facility it was adjoined to, included an expansion to the drive-through unloading dock, a truck wash bay for winter cleaning, six shipping docks, and office space and mezzanine.