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Hoffman's innovative, integrated design and construction approach – TPM – is a partnership with our clients to craft buildings that are creative, responsible and sustainable, and deliver the highest possible value.


Defining your project goals and objectives.

Determining the viability of your project.

Real Estate
Assessing your existing real estate and evaluating potential properties.

Supporting your financing efforts and fundraising activities.

Planning/Zoning/Permitting/Public Impact
Working with multiple levels of government in obtaining various project approvals.

Providing insightful and distinct design that is respectful of your requirements and budget.

Interior Design
Presenting inspired interior designs that match your unique needs and values.

Site Development/Landscape Architecture
Developing responsible solutions and ideas for your project site.

Using current data and resources to offer you a realistic project budget to assist in making informed decisions.

Selecting Contractors
Contributing to lower total project cost, we bid all construction trade work to qualified — and often local — contractors and subcontractors.

Overseeing your project on-site and acting on your behalf, making certain your standards are being met in every respect.

Warranty and Ongoing Maintenance
Continuing our service, standing by our work, even after you have moved into your new facility.

What is TPM? details

Total Project Management (TPM)

Traditional project delivery involves an architectural firm and a general contractor. Even design-build projects are often performed by separate firms who partner for a project but don't regularly work together. Hoffman is different - we unite planning, sustainability, design and construction professionals in a single organization where we work together on every project. Our process - TPM - integrates every phase of a building project from the time it's first envisioned until it's constructed and serving our client.

How does TPM reduce total project costs?

  • Integration leverages the knowledge and experience of design and construction experts at every step in the process. The collaboration between our experts and our clients optimizes function, constructability, cost and schedule. TPM delivers a streamlined, efficient project.
  • Sustainability done responsibly can save money while improving both the built and natural environments. Energy modeling and cost/benefit analysis lead to wise investment for the long and short term. Power of green means more sustainability for the money.
  • TPM creates robust competition. We competitively bid and subcontract 100% of construction. We maximize the number of work packages allowing specialty firms to bid on what they can do most efficiently, while allowing larger firms to submit combined bids. Where a traditional approach might result in 3-5 general contractor bids, Hoffman has received as many as 350 bids on a single project. More bidders means more competition and lower project cost.
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Planning details


TPM starts with a clear definition of the project goals. We ask the probing questions necessary to understand our client's objectives and the best options for meeting them. Our goal is more than a building - it's a responsible solution that meets our client's goals and strengthens their organization.


A responsible solution depends on a solid understanding of the facts and circumstances. Strategic objectives, functional requirements, capital and operating costs, and market considerations are analyzed by Hoffman's professional staff and trustworthy partners through:

  • Market studies
  • Needs analysis
  • Financial/feasibility studies
  • Facility assessment
  • Site evalutation
  • Zoning and code review
  • Master planning
  • Development management

Real Estate

Thorough assessment of site conditions and any existing facilities optimizes land use and reduces potentially expensive surprises and delays. Hoffman provides practical advice concerning reuse of existing real estate and selection/acquisition of new property through:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Facility assessments
  • Site evaluations
  • Zoning and code review


Hoffman supports financing efforts ranging from conventional financing, bonds, fundraising, referendum planning or tax increment financing. We are resourceful in finding grants and government loan programs to offset project costs. Our lifelike, artistic renderings enhance marketing materials and generate enthusiasm for projects among the owners, community, other interested parties, and potential donors.

Planning/Zoning/Permitting/Public Impact

Navigating the government approval process is expedited with Hoffman's experience and foresight to anticipate issues and resolve them early. Hoffman develops cooperative relationships with all levels of federal, state and local jurisdictions.

LHO Site - Birds Eye
Northland Pines Site
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Sustainability details

Hoffman has delivered some of the most sustainable buildings in the country by seamlessly integrating sustainability throughout design and construction. Every project is designed and constructed in an environmentally responsible manner. Energy and water efficiency save money. Innovative window designs create daylight and views without unwanted heat gain/loss or glare, and low VOC materials enhance indoor air quality. Diligent recycling and reuse of materials diverts waste from the land fill.

Our services include:

  • Energy modeling
  • LEED certification
  • LEED tracking (certified and non-certified)
  • Performance monitoring
  • Energy grants and rebates
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Design details


Hoffman's distinctive, innovative designs – of schools, health and skilled care facilities, residential complexes, offices, industrial, commercial, and worship facilities, among others – artfully balance aesthetics and environment with function, code, schedule and budget. Building information modeling (BIM) increases efficiency, improves design quality and allows more accurate cost estimating. Through our engineering partners, we deliver civil, structural, technology, HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design.

Interior Design

Inspired interior designs reflect each client's unique needs and sensibility. A contemplative place of worship. A bright and cheerful school. An efficient and productive workspace. The peace and comfort of home. We create all of these environments and many more taking care to specify materials that are low-emitting, and manufactured as sustainably as possible.

Site Development/Landscape Architecture

Hoffman's site experts integrate practical solutions for stormwater management, recreational space, vehicular and pedestrian access, with thoughtful ideas for site plantings and, where possible, preservation of existing trees and prairie restoration to minimize/eliminate irrigation and preserve natural habitat.

Site Development
Site Development
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Construction details


Clients depend on an accurate, realistic budget. Hoffman's construction experts start estimating early in the process using current construction data, not just approximations by the square foot. Early input on constructability, material selection and schedule promote informed decision-making and result in a more precise budget early in the process.

Selecting Subcontractors

A key distinction between Hoffman and general contractors is that we subcontract and competitively bid 100% of construction trade work. Hoffman does not perform construction trade work of any kind, so we can't bid on our own projects. Our uniquely equitable approach draws participation from all types of firms from large general contractors to small specialty subcontractors. We diligently seek out local contractors to support the local economy. The result is more bidders, more competition and lower project cost.


Hoffman's project superintendents are onsite full time ensuring that schedule, safety, quality and sustainability standards are met. Because Hoffman doesn't perform any construction trade work, we have only our client's interests in mind, ensuring that the project is constructed according to the plans and specifications - and if it isn't, there's no conflict of interest over getting it right.

Site Development
Site Development

Warranty and Ongoing Maintenance

Hoffman remains your partner long after occupancy. We work with facilities personnel to keep systems functioning efficiently. We welcome the opportunity to monitor your energy and water use so we can both be sure systems are operating as designed. Hoffman's entire team works hard to minimize warranty issues, but if they arise, they are promptly handled.

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