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Hoffman staff members bring clients a wealth of experience in the Food & Beverage industry. We understand the critical importance of sanitary design, cleanability, zones of control, and inspection when expanding or renovating an existing facility or building new. We employ industry experts to design USDA full-status processes and facilities ideally suited to our clients' unique products.

  • Projects our staff members have delivered include:
  • Manufacturer of frozen appetizers -- 5,000 square foot waste handling addition
  • Structural assessment of racking systems; as-built documentation of plant
  • Organic, grass feed meat packer -- planning project for new packing plant
  • Cheese and dairy products manufacturer -- facility upgrade/renovation and rebuild of silo alcove and base
  • Foodservice bakery/distributor -- 48,500 square foot warehouse/office expansion and renovation
  • Bakery and foodservice wholesale distributor -- various warehouse and cold dock/storage facility expansions and renovations
  • Frozen ethnic foods and appetizer manufacturer -- addition and renovation to existing pasta plant
  • Frozen ethnic foods manufacturer -- 7,500 square foot addition and renovation to existing Mexican foods plant
  • Manufacturer of customized seasoning and flavor systems -- multiple facility and process improvement projects
  • Worldwide branded food product manufacturer -- manufacturing facility addition
  • Processing and grocery conglomerate -- addition to an existing facility
  • Grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate -- juice line filling and packaging upgrades
  • Food and beverage company -- process and packaging updates
  • Food ingredient manufacturer -- plant repurposing, including upgrade fluid silo storage, separation, pasteurizing, and mixing
  • Snack food manufacturer -- study to upgrade nut roasting process for new facility EPCM
  • Processed food manufacturer -- new ice cream plant; mix process and novelty line layouts
  • Premium frozen pizza company -- dough press and oven line layout; dough mixer rebuild
  • Cheese and snack manufacturer -- breaded snack line study, freezing spiral speed-up
  • Natural & processed cheese manufacturer -- cooling spiral install, cooking upgrade, improve blending and raw product handling, mini pouch filling upgrade, and cup filler line addition
  • Cut & wrap cheese manufacturer -- high-speed slicing line development and USDA approval
  • Processed foods manufacturer -- mix processing consolidation
  • Snack foods manufacturer -- 59,300 square foot process area plan expansion and equipment addition
  • Smoke flavoring and glaze manufacturer -- liquid smoke capacity increase study
  • Cookie and cracker manufacturer -- line novelty and cone baking line re-configurations and upgrades
  • Frozen breakfast food manufacturer -- batter mix and cooling upgrade; frosting mixing capacity increase upgrade
  • Grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate -- Feta line expansion and second floor addition
  • Convenience foods manufacturer -- packaging upgrade
  • Whipped cream manufacturer -- pressurize canister line installation and facility consolidation
  • Manufacturer of kosher hot dogs and sausages -- raw processing capacity increase and sanitary upgrade
  • Process cheese manufacturer -- ultrafiltration/evaporation process control/programming upgrade
  • Food products marketer and distributor -- new distribution center
  • Pizza crust baker -- baking line expansion study

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