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Hoffman Honors Women Religious details

Hoffman Honors Women Religious

MARCH 8th, 2015

In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8 – 14, Hoffman would like to thank all women religious communities for their important contributions to society and the culture of the United States.

As a company with many individuals who have been positively impacted by Catholic Sisters personally and professionally, Hoffman is honored to partner with women religious communities every day.

In appreciation for all that women religious have done and continue to do, Hoffman has made a donation to the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) to help fund religious communities as they care for their elderly members.

In addition, some Hoffman staff members share their thoughts on how they've been impacted by Catholic Sisters:

"Catholic Sisters have quietly created many of the institutions that have touched the lives of almost all of us who live not only in the United States but around the world. They continue to seek out areas of unmet needs and it is fitting that a week has been dedicated to honor them and their ministry."
- Catherine Cruickshank, senior project designer

"Working with Sisters and women religious projects is an extremely rewarding way to not only live out my faith in my day-to-day work responsibilities, but I cannot think of a better way for our company to live our mission than through the eyes of the Sisters."
- Terry Ellenbecker, director of field operations

"There's something about working with Sisters that makes my job feel so much more meaningful. All that they have done for others through the years, I'm so blessed to be able to design their homes that they can retire in. They always bring out my best effort and work product. I have the best job ever!"
- Julie Heiberger, project architect

"It has been a privilege to meet and get to know so many Sisters through our service to women religious. Your strength and vision have made a profound impact on my life and enlightened me to the positive impact you have made to the millions of people touched by the social, educational, and health systems you have created. Thank you!"
- Pat Del Ponte, director of planning services

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