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Hoffman Honors Women Religious details

Hoffman Honors Women Religious

MARCH 8th, 2020

In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8 - 14, Hoffman would like to thank all women religious congregations for their important contributions to society in the United States and around the world.

Many individuals at Hoffman have been positively impacted by Catholic Sisters personally and professionally. Through our work, Hoffman is honored to assist women religious congregations every day.

In appreciation for all that women religious have done and continue to do, Hoffman has made a donation to the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) to help fund the elder-care needs of religious congregations.

In addition, some Hoffman staff members have shared their thoughts on how they've been positively impacted by Catholic Sisters:

“I grew up in a small, farming community in rural Wisconsin where the Sisters were our teachers and our neighbors. They were a part of our family. I am a product of the schools in which they taught. I learned from them that that you do what needs to be done for all those in need of help. Today, I feel I have come full circle with the Sisters in our communities across the nation. I am an architect working for a company that is helping to build their homes, their schools, and their hospitals in the spirit of what they have always done: responding to the need that is greatest. I am truly grateful for what the Sisters have taught me and that they are still a part of who I am to this very day. Thank you!” — Chad Ulman, vice president of architecture

“Any project with the Catholic Sisters comes with extra special meaning and a great sense of service. I welcome and value the faith-based influence that their members and missions bring to my workplace on a daily basis.” — Jon Rynish, project architect

"It is an honor to work with Sisters throughout the country. To be such an important part of several congregations' vision for their future is extremely rewarding. The relationships I’ve developed with the Sisters stay with me long after our work is completed and means so much to me." — Julie Heiberger, senior project architect

“I am so thankful that Hoffman has the privilege of assisting so many congregations that do a tremendous amount of good for the communities that we live in. It is an honor to be their partner. Thank you for your trust, and God bless you!” — Sam Statz, president

“Having grown up with aunts who were Catholic Sisters, I was fortunate to witness first-hand the important work they did and the lives they touched. I feel privileged to have the opportunity now to assist Sisters when they’ve placed their trust in Hoffman.” — Scott Pigeon, director of marketing

"The small community on the southern Door Peninsula in Wisconsin where I grew up was blessed to be served by women religious from the time of its settlement in 1853. For generations, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross were essential for education, caring for the sick and disabled, and perpetuating the Catholic faith. In the early days, they even taught in the public schools. I have the pleasure of working with Sister Claudette Jeanquart to record oral histories about the countless ways they have contributed to our community. The more we learn, the more grateful we become." - Sandy Orsted, vice president of administration

“I have been blessed to have worked with Catholic Sisters over the past fourteen years. In addition to allowing me to deepen my own Catholic faith while in their presence, I am amazed at the dedication and passion they possess for issues such as care of the environment, care of immigrants and refugees, working to end human trafficking, and the care for all people. Being able to witness them putting their faith into action is inspiring.” — Terry Ellenbecker, vice president of field operations

“I have supervised building projects for the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, Cenacle Sisters, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, and the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. What always comes to mind when I reflect on these projects is that it was always a pleasure to work for the Sisters. They really appreciated our efforts in creating facilities that met their needs. They also prayed daily for the well-being of all the workers working on the project site.” — Curt Thiel, field project manager

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