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Building Brains

July 24, 2019 by Jody Andres and Sean Duncanson in American School & University

The following excerpt is taken from Jody Andres and Sean Duncanson's article, "Building Brains", that originally appeared in the May/June 2019 issue of American School & University. Excerpt posted with permission. 

In many school districts, members of the leadership team can't wait to get done with a construction project; they want to use the new or renovated facility to fulfill their mission and educational vision. But they're missing out on valuable learning opportunities.

Your next building project can be used to educate students in countless ways. The project can be a learning tool for those interested in the design and construction professions--and many other disciplines. It's a way that schools can provide experience and knowledge beyond a traditional class setting. 

When students' desires for real-world experience are paired with a local project, they are given a chance to get an up-close view of architecture, engineering, and construction--professions for which there is a great demand. Students can learn about these professions throughout the construction process via hands-on, experiential learning, which is enhanced when a school system partners with an architectural firm and construction manager.

Read the entire article, "Building Brains", here.

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