Hoffman History


Proudly celebrating 125 years of Hoffman tradition in 2017!

In 1892, Fred Hoffman and his brother Herman founded Hoffmann Brothers Construction Company. One of their first projects was Columbus Elementary School in Appleton, Wisconsin. The school was built to last, and is still fully operational today.

The Hoffmann family construction tradition continued with Fred’s sons, Paul and Fred, and the company’s name changed to The Hoffmann Construction Company. Following World War II, Paul’s children Gerald, Carl, and Betty assumed leadership roles in the company, whose name was then modified to The Hoffman Company, Incorporated.

In 1954, the company conceived, built, and owned the nation’s first all-enclosed mall, Valley Fair Shopping Center in Appleton, Wisconsin. By the 1970s, The Hoffman Company, Inc. was one of the largest, most well-respected general contractors in Wisconsin.

Hoffman History


In 1977, Paul J. Hoffman became the fourth generation of Hoffman leaders in the construction industry and had a different idea to continue the family's legacy. Paul started a new business which combined planning, design, and construction services. It created a relationship with the owner that began at the very earliest stage of a project, enhanced the competitive bid process, and provided a single source of responsibility as the owner's partner from beginning to end. Paul hired professionals that possessed a diverse range of design and construction experience and a passion for outstanding client service.


By 1986, the Hoffman Corporation had evolved into a thriving business which provided significant benefits and value to its clients. As the firm continued to innovate and grow, this integrated project delivery method became known as Total Project Management (TPM), providing clients with planning, design, and construction services as well as responsible business solutions.


In August 2012, Paul passed the family tradition to what he refers to as the “fifth Hoffman generation.” A management team lead by Miles Girouard formed Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc. to continue offering TPM and delivering the same innovation and superior value clients have come to appreciate since 1892.


In 2017, the company celebrates 125 years of Hoffman tradition—a tradition of serving those that serve others. Driven by their mission statement, “We make a positive impact on people’s lives and their environment by providing creative ideas and responsible solutions”, Hoffman employees proudly carry out this tradition every day.

In June 2017, after more than 35 years in the design and construction profession, Miles retired from Hoffman. Sam Statz assumed the role of president/majority owner and leads a diverse management team dedicated to continuing Hoffman's 125 years of tradition.

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